Simple Tricks to Choose the Right Furniture for a Small House

If you have a small house, then you do not need to be confused how to arrange every room in your little house. The small house is always identical to have a room that is not so big or tend to be narrow. But actually, you can set your narrow room to look more spacious.

Narrow room in your small house can get “wider” if you choose the furniture carefully. You should not arbitrarily choose furniture for your small room. Because if you choose the furniture with wrong sizes, it may end up being wasted.

In choosing furniture for your narrow room, the following tips can be your reference, so you do not choose a wrong furniture.

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Choose Simple Furniture

The first tip for your small room, it’s good if you do not choose furniture that is too big. Choose a simple furniture just for your narrow room. For example, for your living room, choose a simple sofa so that your narrow room still looks spacious.

Now there are many simple sofas available with interesting design options and also unique. If you insist on choosing a sofa that is too heavy for a big size and too much carving, then your narrow living room will become increasingly narrow.

Choose Shelves On the Wall

The second tip that you can do to make a narrow room in your tiny house becomes more visible is to choose a shelf attached to the wall. The narrow room certainly cannot or will not be enough to accommodate a large bookcase. If you do that, then it will not be easy.

So it’s good to choose a bookcase or shelf of your photo that is attached to the wall. Many wall shelves with unique designs are now widely sold. Also, you can choose your table that has a shelf underneath. So you can keep a magazine or reading book on the bottom shelf under the table.

Using a Mirror

The last tip you can do for your small room is to put a mirror in your small room. You can choose a mirror with large enough size or choose a mirror with a unique design. You can put the mirror in the living room or family room as well.

Select a mirror that matches the theme of your living room, for example, if your living room is themed broken white then you can select a mirror with a broken white colour frame.

Mirrors with a unique design can also make your living room look more exotic for example a mirror with a cracked design or with irregular shapes.

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