Make Your Home Eco-Friendly with The Following Tips

Excessive pollution everywhere and in all weather conditions has more dire consequences than you ever imagined. Today, every ten adults and even children are affected by dust allergies or found to be suffering from the disturbances caused by the highly toxic gases and chemicals that surround us all the time.

While it is not in our hands to reduce the level of external pollution, it is our responsibility to make our homes more ecological and healthier for our families. You can turn your apartment into a pleasant environment.

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Here, check out the these tips to have an eco-friendly house and lifestyle:

Grow Plants at Home

Cultivate as many plants as possible throughout your apartment. The plant will act as a natural damper of harmful pollutants launched by electronic equipment, carpets and so on.

Make it a point to fill the corners and balconies of the living room with at least one spider plant and rubber plant as they absorb dangerous elements efficiently.

The best part of breeding plants is that the plant is great for beautifying the house and, therefore, do not have to worry too much about the home decoration part.

Let the Sunlight into Your Home

Sunlight is the most ecological light that can make your home fit for a healthy life. It is true that during the summer, too much sun in the apartment may be unpleasant. Therefore, open the drapes, curtains and window coverings, which can be closed when it is too hot outside and open when needed to leave the sun.

Replace Bulbs with CFL!

Go and Buy Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) to Replace Traditional Bulbs Now! A 20Watt CFL provides the same level of light as a 100watt bulb and lasts up to 15 times more.

The initial purchase price of a CFL bulb is more than a standard bulb but will return the purchase price in 4 months and will save up to 180 € during its lifetime.

Run the Dishwasher Only When It’s Full!

The half-loaded dishwasher does not use less energy than a full load because it consumes the same amount of hot water. To save energy, do not use preheating, washing and preheating functions.

The choice to wash dishwashers or vacuum cleaners does not harm the environment or even your pockets.

Turn Off All the Lights When You Are Not Using Them

This is a very important step that will not only make you healthier, but also ensure that the amount of bills you use is lower. Make a point to turn off the lights of the room you are not using.

Many people ignore this, assuming it does not make much difference. Try this; you will feel the freshness at home when returning to work after a long day.

Control Your Heating System Sensibly

Install the thermostat to control the domestic heating system. Simple devices will increase the comfort of your home and will save you a lot of costs that will be returned in the next few months. Set the thermostat to 20 ° C comfortable.

Decreasing 1oC at room temperature will reduce the heating cost by 10% and you see no difference. It is not necessary to leave the heating all night long. Turn off before going to bed and set it up for half an hour before you wake up. Find out how heater bills change drastically!

Make Sure Your House is Free From Pollutants

There are many pollutants that can be within your house such as mold and asbestos. If you have asbestos in your house, be careful since it is a dangerous carcinogenic substance. Hire a professional removalist, such as the one you can find through asbestos removal Sunshine Coast, to make sure that your house is free from it.

Avoid Pesticides

Cockroach particles and rodent danders are common asthma triggers. However, some pesticides can be more harmful than good for people with asthma and allergies.

If you have pest problems, look for a professional exterminator with experience in integrated pest management and in the asthma treatment experience.

Use HEPA Vacuum

Use a vacuum that has a HEPA filter with tight gaskets to prevent the particles from slipping off when empty. Also, choose a style that requires minimal exposure when emptying the cylinder or changing bag.

Save your Monthly Fuel Bills, Drive Sensibly!

Speeding up, rapid acceleration and braking are bad driving habits that can reduce fuel efficiency by 33%. Act as smoothly as possible, maintain momentum, avoid fast start and stop, you can save a lot of money and keep you safe.

Living in a green house is very easy provided you follow certain steps. However, before anything else, open your new apartment in one of the residential communities that initiated a community project that will make your life greener.

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